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Are we stuck in a 'travel bubble'? Travel habits revealed in global survey


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Good. Leave the travelling to those of us who are adventurous, the masses can stick to Disneyland etc.

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It's always boggled my mind when I hear of people who travel to the same country to stay at the same hotel or resort each year. I mean, doesn't it seem like a waste of time money? Wouldn't it better to spend your hard earned cash and time exploring somewhere new especially if you're willing to fly across the world?

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Every time I travelled to Japan (yearly from 2011-2019) I've landed at Haneda, caught the monorail to Hamamatsucho station, stayed at the same hotel for one night and buggered off into the countryside using my JR pass. I may be 'familiar' with the country I love to visit, but every trip has taken me to different places, small and remote, mostly, because that's where and when the culture shines. And that's what international travel is all about - culture. Same thing will happen starting October 8, when I return for a month into the Japanese Alps.

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Because of lockdowns, since January 2020 my spouse and I have been on 33 trips throughout Japan to places new and unknown. Kanko Densha are amazing, the people are fantastic, local cuisine is great.

Trip number 34 starts on the 8th.

Gototravel coupons and private city and hotel coupons were amazing plus all photos picture perfect.

Life is short people. see the world after your backyard as well.

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I'm not interested in most tourist destinations, just fun, relaxation and excitement, and I prefer lively places with sunshine and good alcohol. I know the places that have these so I go there. If I pick a dud of a place to spend my hard-earned cash, I'll be peed off forever. Case in point: a few years back, the wife and I went to Sapporo. She chose it as a birthday trip to see some sights but I would have gone to Okinawa for the umpteenth time, sat on the beach, gone to the yatai mura in Naha (mainly to drink awamori), and hung out in the bars at night. Sapporo is really clean, built on a grid pattern and not too crowded and that clocktower is nice but it's a real letdown. The food is great but I'm not Japanese so having to eat great food is not high on my list. Sapporo is too cold most of the time anyway. Walking around cities visiting museums or world heritage sites is not on my list either so I guess it all depends on what you like. I've been going to the same world destinations for years because I know what I'm getting and like that. On short 3-4 day trips traveling somewhere new is OK but my long vacations are always to the same places and I stay at the same hotels.

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