As passengers return to air travel, bad behavior skyrockets


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This is far from done, the worst is yet to come.

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Taking into account the number of people that are flying now (after vaccines and other efforts have reduced the danger from the pandemic) I would say that 2300 is a much lower number than what I expected in the US, of course I would not envy the people that have to deal with them, but with the huge amount of polarization the use of mask has there it would not be strange to observe much more people becoming disruptive.

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I find that people's behavior in public has declined greatly in the past 20 years, not to mention the past 40, but especially the last two. There's a great sense of entitlement that seems to have grown exponentially.

It's always nice coming back to Japan, after a visit to the US, where here I don't expect random strangers telling me what they think or some macho attitude being thrown around.

People seem to have forgotten how to shut up. Also the unbelievable SMH head stuff has become more and more common.

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I just want to fly to the Philippians and not have to worry about quarantine for a virus I already had and over came. Its my choice. My life! I want to go. I should be allowed to go without having be told no entry. I am going to be an perfect angel on any Cebu Pacific flight and maybe a bit flirtatious and chatty with the cabin attendants.

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Too bad that airlines can't offer masked and mask-free flights. Cost prohibitive, I know; however, it might assuage people's fears and frustrations if they felt they had a choice.

Flying--especially on the longer haul flights--crammed into a tin with other people crammed in more and more closely as airlines try to fill planes for grater profitability is not fun. I'm petite and slim and have noticed the discomfort of shrinking space and less comfortable padding. A person who is 6 feet or 183 cm tall has knees jammed into the back of the seat in front. That's a problem that airlines have created because they don't wish to raise prices.

It's not a workable solution for everyone, but for long haul flights I find a combination of custom made earplugs, self-hypnosis, meditation and a mild sedative helpful. I get to my destination refreshed.

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This is nothing new its just being reported now

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