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Asian Scavenger Hunt searching for participants


The Great Escape 2008 is searching for 40 participants to compete in the first ever Asian Scavenger Hunt. This two-week Asian scavenger hunt will allow participants to travel through at least six Asian countries, beginning in Australia.

A former participant said, “It is like 'Survivor,' 'The Amazing Race' and the 'Eco-Challenge' all rolled into one except with much more cultural interaction!" Teams travel through Asia competing with other teams to find culture-oriented scavenges to earn points. The winning team will win a $15,000 trip

“GreatEscape is all about allowing real travelers to compete in a real travel adventure competition, for all the right reasons - the love of travel, trusting strangers in strange lands and giving something back to the planet,” said Event Director William Chalmers, “Some have called our annual event the ‘Olympics of Travel,’ some refer to it as A Blind Date with the World because our travelers won’t have any foreknowledge as to what countries they’re going to until the event is underway, and some have even called it a ‘Magical Mystery Tour.’ I like that one!”

The teams not only have to challenge their ability to travel through these countries and avoid fatigue, but the teams also face the challenge of language difficulties, cultural differences, their appetite for strange foods, logistical snafus and team dynamics.

Applicants must pay a $7,495 fee to compete. That fee includes all international airfares, 15-nights of hotel accommodations (based on double occupancy), some airport transfers, about 30% of meals, and other event-related goodies and hospitality events.

For more information visit http://www.globalscavengerhunt.com/2008%20Asia.htm.

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Applicants need to pay a $7,495 fee plus 70% of the cost of meals in order to get a "chance" to win a $15,000 trip? I'm for adventure, but I think it would be better to take a trip by one's self and explore the same countries.

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so a 2-man team would pay $14990 (not even including the meals) for a chance to win $15000 ? Sounds like a bargain

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Is Asian Scavenger Hunt the application process?

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Eating strange foods?? Teams must deal with fatigue?? Dealing with strange cultures??

They forgot to mention getting sick and hospitalized from dehydration caused by...

Sounds like a fantasy holiday...

Thank G'd we are all too busy to undertake such a great oppurtunity.

Good luck whoever is organizing this...

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Task 1.. go to China and find some clean air.. Task 2.. go to Myanmar and find some Human Rights..

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It's not like Survivor and Amazing Race when you're footing the bill. And when the prize money is the amount your team paid to participate.

"Congratulations on winning the first ever Asian Scavenger Hunt! After taxes, you've not even broken even. Tell us... how do you feel?" Stupid.

What a ridiculously dumb idea.

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