Australia offers 'best job in the world'


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Salary: A$150,000 (U.S. $100,000).

Why the need to show the US equivalent? Why not the YEN equivalent?

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Talk about buying publicity...

Of course, it's only the "best job in the world" if you are an anti-social layabout who has no career

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Blog...internet... they will hire a woman, no man has a chance of getting this job.

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6 months in a beautiful resort, you would meet heaps of new people and whats so special about having a career? it makes you no better or worse than any one else. Besides, meet the right people, and plenty of the right people go there, and it may just be the greatest career move in the world if your into careers.

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Dont worry neverknow2, in the next too years they wont be using the american dollar as the common currency, whose money will it be, well my guess is China, or MAYBE Japan.

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neverknow2 : I'm sure its because most of the JT readers come from States. I don't think China money will ever be the common currency, maybe Yen could or Euro.

Back to the topic ,I must admit that's an original way to promote a place for tourism !

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As other posters have noted, this could probably be titled "best marketing strategy in the world" - the publicity this has given sleepy Hamilton Island could not have been bought for AU$150,000!!!

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The equivalent salary in US dollars is because the US dollar is so widely used, even by the USA's enemies, that it's the defacto currency of the world. And it's a good salary for basically doing a half year vacation. Many Ozzies may qualify but I find them even too lazy to do even this job. It must be the weather... or the XXXX.

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