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Avatar concierges will support your trip in Japan

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By grape Japan

Recently, the virtual world and the real world are becoming seamless. At least, the virtual avatars which I’m going to introduce today are close enough to our world to help you on your trip!

What are “avatar concierges”?

Kinki Nippon Tourist Co., Ltd. 近畿日本ツーリスト株式会社, a major Japanese travel company, has started their new online service: Tabi no abata konsherujyu 旅のアバターコンシェルジュ (Avatar concierges for your trip).

Users can consult with the avatar concierges and can even book their trip. The consulting fee is free, and this service is available on your computer and smartphone.

However, what do the avatar concierges look like and what do they know about their area?

Avatar Concierge for Hokkaido


This avatar concierge is in charge of the Hokkaido 北海道 area. Hokkaido is the second-largest island of Japan, and it seems to be difficult to collect sightseeing information by yourself, but don’t worry! That’s why she is here for you.

Hokkaido is the northernmost prefecture and there are many ways to enjoy the cold weather. She will give useful tips about the Sapporo Yuki Matsuri 札幌雪まつり (Sapporo Snow Festival), one of the most famous and popular Japanese festivals, recommended skiing places, and hiking areas. Of course, she knows about many nice restaurants and the latest souvenirs too.

Why does she know so much about Hokkaido? She passed some exams such as the Hokkaido Kanko Masta Kentei 北海道観光マスター検定 (Hokkaido Sightseeing Master Test), Hokkaido Fūdo Maista Kentei 北海道フードマイスター検定 (the Hokkaido Food Meister Test), and the Hakodate Rekishi Bunka Kanko Kentei 函館歴史文化観光検定 (the Hakodate History, Culture, and Sightseeing Test).

Avatar Concierge for Kyoto


The avatar in a nice red kimono is the concierge for the Kyoto area! As you might know, Kyoto is one of the most historical areas in Japan, and there are tons of temples, shrines, and world heritage sites. She passed the Kyoto Kanko Bunaka Kentei 京都・観光文化検定 (the Kyoto Sightseeing Culture Test), so you can rely on her rich knowledge about both cultural places and sightseeing spots.

In addition to those historical sightseeing spots, beautiful scenery is also an important attractiveness of Kyoto. She will tell you some recommended places depending on the season you are visiting. For example, as you can see in the picture, if you go to Kyoto in the autumn, you can enjoy the beautiful red colored maple leaves.

About other areas & specialties

Including the two above, eleven avatar concierges (seven areas and three specialties) are assigned for this new project.

The seven main service areas are Hokkaido 北海道, Okinawa 沖縄, Kyoto 京都, Tokyo 東京, Iseshima 伊勢志摩, and Hokuriku 北陸. The other three avatars are in charge of areas not included in the seven divisions above, cruises, and member-exclusive vacations.

How to use the service


In order to talk with the avatar concierge, you need to book a time slot on this website*. Choose the avatar and when you want to do the consultation and enter your information.

Their business hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (JST). On the day of your counseling, you will receive a reminder email, so confirm your booking number and visit their website for your consultation.

*For the time being, the website is all in Japanese.

Why don’t you try and ask for informative advice from these virtual professionals with ample knowledge to make your trip more fun?


Official Website

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*For the time being, the website is all in Japanese.

Then why is it even being promoted here?

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