'Awesome' U.S. angles for more tourists


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Probably shouldn't treat everyone as criminals upon entry then. The tales I hear from non-citizens upon (attempting) entry into the US are horrifying. DHS has gone mad. Why go there and put up with their crap at the ports of entry and exit when you can go somewhere else where you might actually feel welcome?

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This is a super smart move and makes sense on so many levels. Then are saying all the right things and coming up with good ideas.

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“It pains me, as a proud American, but we’re viewed as arrogant and brash, and we’ve never been out there saying: ‘Please come.’”

Not the people in general but the govt.

Why the $14? What a hassle.

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Awesome news dude! Let's party!

“Over the last 10 or 12 years, people have seen America as unwelcoming as we’ve focused on security

Yep agreed. Yet, Japanese still have to apply on-line for their "visa waiver", TSA and Homeland security still ratchet up to catch all those terrorists flying in from Japan and Korea... (sarcasm alert) but it's nice to see the USA waking up to the reality of tourism as an economy stimulator. Hope it works, but sounds like yet another gov. created agency.

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It pains me, as a proud American, but we're viewed as arrogant and brash, and we’ve never been out there saying: ‘Please come.’

Come meet ANY ex-pat american living japan (or any other asian country for that matter), then you'll see arrogant.

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@Cat5: come meet just about any American here in the U.S. and you'll most likely get a warm welcome. In general, Americans are pretty nice people.

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