Bangkok to reopen for vaccinated tourists in October


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Only 16% of Thais are fully vaccinated, according to the article. Meanwhile, here in the States, we have thrown out tens of millions of doses that were expired. Seems like something could be done better.

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Who’d want to go there now, it a massive Covid hot spot. On the UK's Red list.

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But at least you would be safe from anti-vaccine cultists who are barred entry.

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@Luddite. I'd like to go. I'd like to spend some money there. Thailands economy relies massively on tourism. I'd follow any sensible rules to sit next to the Chao Praya a with Cold Beer and nice spicy Chicken Gaprow.

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I'd be happy to go to a luxury hotel in Bangkok and just stay there for a week

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Where were those tourists from, I wonder?

They're predominantly from the US, UK & Israel.

Or at least, they were, until the UK imposed quarantine on nationals who visit Thailand.

I'm currently doing the Phuket Sandbox and as a tourist/foreign resident it's very nice; like experiencing Thailand as it supposedly was 40 years ago. Very few tourists to be found, and every beach you have to yourself. It does make you feel for the locals though who are reliant on tourism dollars.

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