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Beautiful China tourism pitch misfires amid smog


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I guess that you could even call it Epic China or the oldest country in the world, something like that.

China : EPIC FAIL!

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China is a beautiful country to visit, if you ignore the air, land and water pollution.

If they could get the pollution problems under control, then more would visit.

For suffers of asthma and other medical conditions, China pollution makes China a dangerous place to visit.


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despite my hate for the Communist Chinese govt, China really is a beautiful country, with a rich culture with over 3,000 years history, 5,000 if you count mythology. Many great figures in Chinese long winding history.

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Too bad them chinese can't seem to get a grip on the fact the world is full of beautiful places where the air is clean. They are so full of themselves within the upper echelon of "The Party" yet the millions of peasents are sucking noxious gas day & night!

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Whereas tourism offices all over the world use Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, Chinese tourism authorities stick with what they know: trade shows and magazine advertising.

That's because Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube are all banned in China. Plus anybody, whom they attract using those, would soon find that their favorite internet tool is blocked there.

The tourism authority in Shandong province, home of Confucius' birthplace and Tsingtao beer, has enlisted Google Inc. to act as a digital consultant to improve its advertising reach.

Google search too left China (went to Hong Kong). Dunno how well they can work together that way.

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