Brazil packed with travel riches, so why so few tourists?


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I think even with streamlined visa applications and lower airfare costs, the poor Brazilian economy and the public perception of a high crime rate are scaring potential foreign tourists away from the country.

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It's a big place, far more to experience than just Rio. Would love to visit one day. Along with Peru.

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And it's very far.

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And it's very far.

Depends where you happen to be...

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Have to say Brazil has never been very high on the list of countries I wanted to visit, for all the reasons mentioned in the article but not only.

Maybe it's just me but most Brazilians I have met in my life were fairly shallow and superficial (both men and women) and didn't have much to offer/talk about besides getting a tan, dancing, looking 'hot'. They weren't particularly friendly either. Am sure there are many interesting, honest and very decent ppl in Brazil but they may live in a fairly inaccessible part of the country i.e along the Amazon, in isolated villages/towns etc. 

That's the Brazil I would love to see but again I would like to do it Bruce Parry style which is almost impossible if you don't have the 'right' connections.

Give me Peru, Bolivia, Chile and all other SA countries (and many more) any day.

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Rife with roaming ruffians ready to really rip you off?

Alliterations aside, all areas across the earth are actually akin. Almost.

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Reckless - Didn't know Brazilian was a language, but of course you were joking.

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A friend of mine went to a restaurant at the famed Copacabana, and he said street kids were constantly running past, grabbing the food off his and the other customers' tables. That was after the cops starting systematically murdering the children around that time in a "street cleaning" campaign. Yep, really nice place.

So my friend told: "You don't want to ever go there."

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It's beautiful country but far too plagued with poverty issues that make it unsafe for comfortable travel. From first hand experience, I'd say getting mugged and constantly having to worry about carrying two wallets, one for getting mugged so you have something to hand over and one very well hidden away with the rest of the money starts to get old real fast.

If you want to enjoy your time in Brazil, chances are, even if you dress WAY DOWN, and avoid jewellery, rings, watches, etc., unless you speak fluent Portuguese, you're going to stand out. That will make you an easy mark.

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