British airports to introduce 3D screening for carry-on bags


Putting small containers of liquids in plastic bags could soon be a thing of the past for airline passengers in Britain after the government announced plans to introduce 3D screening equipment for carry-on luggage at all major airports.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said in a statement that the new technology will improve security and could also mean "an end to passengers having to use plastic bags or rationing what they take away with them."

Under current security restrictions, passengers are not allowed containers carrying more than 100 milliliters (3.38 fluid ounces) of liquids in their carry-on luggage and the containers have to be in a clear plastic bag.

That could come to an end under the new screening regime and passengers may also be able to keep electrical equipment such as their laptops in their cabin bags.

The screeners already are being used in trials at London's Heathrow Airport and they will progressively be rolled out to other British airports by Dec 1, 2022, the government said.

Heathrow CEO John Holland Kaye says the technology "will transform the passenger experience, making air travel simple, streamlined and more secure through the UK's only hub airport."

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Actually I do feel this is a good idea for all airlines but wish they would enforce the size weight limit more.

Passengers in my opinion are still travelling with too much weight.

It is nice to buy local when you arrive and leave behind maybe for your guests or others, like in Op Shops when you leave.

I do that with all jumpers and coats, when I go to the UK, and carry-on much less.

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Good idea. It shpuld reduce the always long queues at the security check. Despite the rules being in place for over a decade, numerous signs before and adjacent to the queue and being verbally informed, people always looked surprised and offended when asked to take out their liquids, remove their laptop, take off their jacket etc when it's their turn.

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I wonder if the security check uses AI? I cannot believe that a human watching the screen can maintain concentration. Also, is there any case ever where carryon was used for hijacking or other nefarious purposes. Every time I take off my shoes at the security check I wonder what the heck is the point. I saw an old guy put his shoes through without a basket as instructed and only one of his shoes made it out! I was long gone and he was still standing there in one lonely tennis shoe.

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Also, is there any case ever where carryon was used for hijacking or other nefarious purposes.


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It is a massive waste of time-pure theater!

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