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Carnival to resume cruises in summer when virus order ends


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Cruise ships are nothing but floating petri dishes.

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My wife and I have taken Carnival Cruise ships many times, mostly to Mexico from California. It is a wonderful and cheap escape from the cold weather of winter to the spring like weather of Western Mexico. That said, it will likely be years before we take any more cruises. The idea of being trapped on a cruise ship during an epidemic is frightening.

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The eight ships named by the company have itineraries showing stops in the Bahamas, the Cayman Islands, Jamaica and Mexico, among other places.

Not much chance that most of those countries will permit hundreds of untested tourists to disembark for a tour.

I understand the economic pressure that will be on the governments though.

So the cruise will be."If you look over to the port, that is your left side, you can see lovely Bermuda.

Now back to the dining room."


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Floating coffins

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Would anyone be stupid enough to go on a cruise now?

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As hard as it is to imagine now, cruises will always be popular. In fact, my brother and his wife are booked to go on a cruise to Alaska in September 2021. I have a friend who works for a cruise ship company's Tokyo office and she told me that cruises are booked out at least two years in advance. That's the norm for the industry. I have no doubt that the Diamond Princess, possibly with a new name, will be cruising again by the end of next year, as will the Ruby Princess that caused all the trouble in Sydney, and that one in Nagasaki, too. In fact, probably two or three years from now, nobody will even remember the names of those ships.

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You gotta be a special kind of stupid to be on a cruise ship during a pandemic...especially after recent events dealing with cruise ships

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Reading the comments brings back memories of our past cruises. We would gladly rebook a cruise to Alaska if it was safe to do so. What a wonderful trip we had that time.

Regarding the Diamond Princess, we took it to Hawaii, and it is a beautiful ship. That also was a great trip.

We canceled our Mexico trip that was for February of this year because of fears of the flu, but we have friends who decided to go on a Caribbean cruise in March. They got away with it, but there is no way we would have tried our luck on that one.

It is easy to criticize cruising in hind sight, but until February most of us had little idea things would get this bad. I do think things will eventually get back to normal, but not until there is herd immunity and rapid testing available to everyone.

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