Cathay Pacific launching new range of travel kits


Cathay Pacific is launching a new range of travel kits for passengers with a new design from top fashion house Bally and luxury skincare products from Australian brand Aesop.

The First Class travel kit for females once again features elegant designs by Ipa-Nima, a Vietnam-based brand known for its use of vibrant colors and unique embroidery. Inspired by the forest, the “Glamazon” pouch features hand-sewn beading, sequins and appliques. The second pouch design, “Bubbles,” is the designer’s interpretation of Champagne – the drink of choice for Cathay Pacific’s First Class passengers. The two styles of amenity bag will be introduced in two phases.

The elegant Ipa-Nima pouch is filled with a collection of skincare products from Aesop. Launched in 1987, the Australian wellness brand offers botanically based skin, hair and body products for men and women. The Aesop products featured in the kits are selected to help the skin cope with different environmental conditions and stimulants, including humidity. The products can enhance passengers’ comfort and help them feel relaxed and revitalised during and after their flights.

From April onwards, the airline’s male passengers traveling in First Class will receive a new specially designed black double-zip pouch from Bally, a renowned international fashion house with almost 160 years of history. The kits are packed with skincare products from Italian luxury brand Acca Kappa’s White Moss product line. White Moss was created as a unisex product with a crisp, fresh fragrance using the essential oils of lavender and juniper.

The Business Class female and male travel kits feature bags exclusively designed by renowned French fashion brand agnès b. The star-print bag for women is one of agnès b’s signature patterns and comes in cheerful pink and sweet baby blue. The male double-zip pouch comes in dark green or black and features the brand’s stylish lizard logo.

The Business Class travel kit for flights departing Hong Kong contains skincare products from Murad, a leading doctor-developed skincare range from the United States that is found in nearly 3,000 of the USA’s best spas and is available worldwide in 36 countries. Kits on flights to Hong Kong will continue to carry skincare products from Dermalogica, a U.S. brand founded on the belief that good skincare is not about pampering or luxury.

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All of us in our office like amenity kits, some airlines doing them better than others. Personally, I like the virgin al a carte idea of picking from a tray what products you may want or need.

The one thing that we are puzzled about at Trans World is that Cathay finds itslef, along with many other carriers, in serious financial trouble. Surely it would be better to more economical to harmonise the amenty kits for unisex use and save money by purchasing in bulk. That said, Cathay has always had a flair for service and perhaps this just did not fit with their model.

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"First Class / Business C;ass"

For people with money to burn.

"cattle class"

I prefer "little people class" - after all, those seats are too small for anyone over 170 cm in height.


I always wondered why cattle/little people/economy class is also called coach. Do coaches always sit in this section?

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Life is too short to spend time in Coach.

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No mention of cattle class I see. Given the stupid rules about liquids on board, people in cattle class should be given something, toothpaste and brush at least.

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I got the agnès b kit a couple month ago when I travelled in business class. The bag is nylon and health products inside are pretty normal...yeah it's hard to believe agnes b has toothpaste as well.

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