Cathay plans world's longest passenger flight, avoiding Russian airspace


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There was news few days ago about NZ airline from NZ to NY (17 hours), this is longer than HK to NY if through safari route.

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@BackpackingNepal: Not by mileage. The NZ is shorter by mileage but will have to deal with greater headwinds especially on the return journey. I believe it will be the 4th or 5th longest flight by miles flown.

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I hate these kind of super long flights. I prefer to land and relax on land for awhile.

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@Speed: Easy answer to that - take an alternative route with a transit stop.

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Honestly, seems like a really weird move to take at first glance. Russian airspace isn't closed to them, yet seeking alternative routes that will be far more expensive and much slower; especially when tailwinds aren't going in your favour.

It isn't like they had to re-route to avoid the airspace around Ukraine, they flew predominantly over Siberia which is not exactly a warzone right now.

The only reason I could think of is they want to get out ahead of any PR nightmares. Which is understandable. Even though simply flying over Russian airspace should not be an issue for anyone, who really knows in this climate. The extra cost and time may be worth not having to deal with that whole song and dance.

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Last time we went to Europe we went by ship. Took us a week and a half, but cost about the same as flying, was a lot more fun, and we didn't get jet lagged.

While there is no regular passenger ship traffic to Hong Kong, one can get there by ship, certain times of year. One can cruise to Hawaii, then on to Australia, then fly to HK, or go up the coast to Alaska, across the norther Pacific to Japan, then on to China

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Would definitely take this flight if it were three years ago. Now, purposely avoid going to HK.

16-17 hours on a plane is nothing. Get a biz class ticket, and the time flies by.

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I wonder why they don't follow a route that is similar to the polar route? To get between Japan - UK, it's now 14/15 hours. As the flight passes over the Aleutian Islands, Alaska, Northern Canada, Greenland, Iceland.

Would, Canada, Alaska, Aleutian Islands, off the east coast of Japan, be a better option for Cathay than the new New York - Hong Kong route that has been proposed?

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You might want to study the map better and read the article again.

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