Cheap Air Seoul ticket allows unlimited flights between S Korea and destinations in Japan

By Koh Ruide, SoraNews24

If you are ever in South Korea and fancy a leisurely trip to Japan, then hopping onto a ferry might be one of the cheapest options available. But if speed and cost are more important factors for you, then South Korean budget carrier Air Seoul’s newest deal may be a lot more enticing.

At an amazing low cost of 299,000 won (U.S.$250), holders of the Mint Pass J19 will be entitled to unlimited round trip flights from Incheon International Airport in Seoul to 11 destinations in Japan, valid between June 1 and July 19.

Considering that a return trip between Incheon and Narita ($190 at the cheapest) costs nearly the price of a Mint Pass J19, two trips are all that is needed to recover your money’s worth and more.

A few caveats must be kept in mind to fully utilize this incredible deal, the first being that all flights must be round trips originating from Incheon. It seems then that the Mint Pass J19 is most suitable for tourists already in Korea who wish to add Japan into their itinerary.

The second is that the ticket cannot be used on arriving and departing flights on June 6 and July 15. Flights arriving in Seoul on Sundays are also off limits.

Last is that the Mint Pass J19 does not cover fuel surcharges or airport fees, which can amount to an additional $30 to $40 per trip, a nominal price to pay for quick visits to many parts of Japan.

Those still on the fence will have up to June 12 to decide, as the Mint Pass J19 will no longer be available for purchase online after then.

If you fancy the idea of visiting the Gundam Cafe in Osaka one week, returning to Seoul for a quick break, then zipping off to see the beautiful purple flowers of Sapporo the next, then purchasing this Mint Pass J19 is practically a no-brainer. The perfect excuse to come over and enjoy Japan in all its spring glory!

Source: Air Seoul via Yahoo! Japan, Nifty News

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I truly cannot understand, why is Japan fighting with Korea ???. Let not waste anymore time , lets make peace.

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When Japanese go to Korea, the number of visitors decreases because there is anti-Japanese behavior.

When I was undergoing immigration, I was give a tsk-tsk by an airport clerk.

I was booed when it turned out that a local man was Japanese.

Even if I entered the store, I was ignored and I could not shop.

The moment they realized that I was Japanese, the fee increased tenfold.

Information is spreading that "we do not recommend even if the charge is cheap"

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