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Chicago perfect for travelers on a budget


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Chicago hot dogs and especially Chicago style deep dish pizza, truly manna from heaven.

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Chicago is a beautiful city. Very clean !!!! It reminds me of Yokohama. It's clean !!!!! I hope this city will host summer olympics. The lake looks like a ocean. Very beautiful.

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Anyone want to guess why Chicago's getting its name touted for travel? Its economy has gone to the pits! Unemployment there is extremely high. And you're kidding about Chicago being clean, right? Guess what city has even beat out NYC for being dirtiest!

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"Pizza, another Chicago food staple, also can be found on most neighborhood corners"

Heck, I don't know a city in America where there isn't a pizza shop every few blocks.

"duck-fat fries"

I think I'll skip those.

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Hello keshii- When was the last time you went to Chicago ? I went there two months ago ( August 08 ) and yes the city is clean. Are you just flapping your gums ? Where are you from ? " Chicago's getting its name touted for travel ? Its economy has gone to the pits ! " WoW !! I guess all major cities is affected not just Chicago. Actually Detroit, Michigan and a few other places has more unemployment. Yes, Chicago Pizza is better than nippon pizza. Sorry !!!!! Putting mayonaise on pizza destroys it. I didn't smell pee and pooo so it is clean. Except chinatown

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Chicago has a very robust and balanced economy.

My qualm: I294 is always being worked on. =If you get a rental car rent something that has a decent wheelbase and can take a few pothole hits. They have these "Oasis-es" over the highways which are always a fair stop also.

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I have been once in Chicago. Maybe 10 years ago. They only thing I remember was terrible breakfast in the hotel I stayed. I no longer remember the hotel name. Needless to say, I do not want to go there unless I must.

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I've only ever flown through O'Hare, never been in the city. I'd like to one day.

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I wonder if the author also checked to find out the going tax rates for Chicago? The local tax rates within the city limits of Chicago are very high. Rental car tax rates, hotel tax rates are close to 12-15%. Also, the sales tax is now above 10%!

Not to mention, petrol, while cheaper than Europe or Japan, is the most expensive in Chicago at times (fighting tip to tip with California, which also has very high tax rates)

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