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China plans easier border entry rules for some foreign tourists


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Thanks, but I would never go to that country.

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Thanks for posting this. It isn't very detailed, and has nothing to do with Japan. Is Japan one of the ten countries with which China shares a (sea) border? Are Japanese tourists or other visitors waiting to travel to China right now? Japan-specific value added would make this a much more relevant news or information article.

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with all the places in the world to visit, hum.....................

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mtuffiziToday  03:45 am JST

with all the places in the world to visit, hum.....................

In 1989 the famous Son of Heaven exhibit made its way to the US, and I got to see and witness the glory and achievements of Imperial China and the Chinese Republic. Everything from the first mechanical clock, a recipe for gunpowder, terra cotta warrior statues and more - a long history of tremendous cultural achievements and inventions and innovations. But earlier that year I also saw what China had become since Mao took over. That's right, I saw live on TV the Tiananmen Square Massacre.

China would be a wonderful place to visit and experience but with the CCP in charge of it now, it's rotten. Just ROTTEN.

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Those who are well informed that China is a great multidiverse country,

Yes, we hear well they treat the Uyghurs, blacks and other minorities.

an excellent tourist destination and for doing business,

Until China takes over that business and kicks you out.

and that it is going to be the next world economic power..

Selling cheap plastic inferior crap? Doubt it.

Western circus injects a lot of fear and ignorance into people for their own convenience..

Because the CCP says so?

China is not for you,

Yes, it’s not for me and millions more.

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*China would be a wonderful place to visit and experience but with the CCP in charge of it now, it's rotten. Just ROTTEN.*

No, it's not Chinaa that is rotten, but rather it's the Chinese Politicians to whom you are refering.

To me China is its people and they are wonderful, hard working, doing all that they can to provide for their families and enjoy life. Not easy there with the stupid no covid policy.

Why do I say stupid? It's not just my opinion. I've a very close friend who is from Beijing, who now lives here in the USA. He's very famous. We had coffee last week, and I asked him about Xi Jinping. He stated, he's stupid.

My wife and I visited China for 3 weeks in 2010. The people were friendly, the sites we visted historical as well as beautiful, and the children wonderful. We visited an elementary school. We met joyous, well educated, and welcoming children. Yes, the visit was planned but no matter. The light of life in the children's eyes says it all. They also spoke excellent English. And spontaneously broke out into cute Chinese. Kid's talk.

Others we encounted while walking about Shanghai, Suzhou, Nanjing, etc., were always helpful and kind. We do speak Chinese albeit not perfectly. That helped.

We've also visited Japan 5 times, and like in China, have several close friends in this equally beautiful country. Our experiences were the same.

To be honest my wife and I have made more than 50 internationals trips. And yes, even in Russia. The Russian people are not Putin. It was a grand experience. The teenagers we randomly met are extremely well educationed, speak English, and enjoyed discussing ballet, Jazz and classical music with us.

Yes, the people are not the politics they are forced to endure.

Get out there, meet them, don't be shy, learn to say hello, thankyou, and you're welcome in the language of each country you visit. A little bit goes a long way.

Let's all have the best of intentions.


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A senior Chinese health official recently warned people on social media not to touch foreigners as the country reported its first case of monkeypox.

China health chief warns against 'skin-to-skin contact with foreigners' amid first case of monkeypox


Wasn't China complaining that people around the blaming the Chinese for spreading COVID-19?

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