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China to fully reopen borders to foreigners but hurdles remain

By Joe Cash and Sophie Yu

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Unfavorable views of China among Western democracies have hardened due to concerns over human rights and Beijing's aggressive foreign policy, as well as suspicions surrounding handling of COVID-19, a global survey by the Pew Research Center in September showed.

As they should. People wishing to travel to China need to have their heads examined.

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It would suck if someone suddenly tested positive for COVID and the country went back into total lock-down again trapping millions of tourists this time as well.

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A friend living in China told me anybody living in China during the week the abandoned their covid restrictions that says they have never gotten covid is a liar. The entire nation got.

So I have no fears when visiting China.

When China joins global air travel, fares will come down

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So I have no fears when visiting China.

Me neither..

I have friends living in China and they love it..

China is great, if I didn't like Japan so much I would live in China..

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