China to keep track of its tourists' unruly behavior abroad


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The official China Daily newspaper noted the arrests of three Chinese tourists over the weekend for taking lewd photos while vacationing in Japan.

I'm curious to know more about this.

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Well, it's a start. They should be commended.

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Well its a start I guess. I absolutely hate it whenever I see a large group of Chinese tourists over here because the behaviour from some of them are just awful.

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Please ask them to stop spitting, especially inside hotels..

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Actually, I'm experiencing "Groundhog Day" symptoms... This article could have been written about Japanese tourists fifty years ago when they too began traveling overseas... I remember an incident even as recently as 1993 at the Four Seasons New York when Japanese tourists inspired by an article by Hayashi Mariko written during her stay overlooking Central Park, showered outside the tub (prior to soaking inside) and flooded the room downstairs... That too was deja vu from the 60's and 70's in Hawaii - the spitting, urinating in public, pushing/shoving, etc...

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Good. Other countries should do the same.

Recall once on a flight from northern Argentina back to BsAs when a Chinese tour group got on the plane. It was nearly full, but as is common in SA flights, the emergency exit rows were mostly empty. For some reason, speaking English is a requirement to sit there. Anyway - one of the Chinese tourist saw an empty row and moved there. The flight attendants confronted him - in English - which he didn't speak AND refuse to move. He was forced to move back to his seat and the plane was met by police upon landing at AEP. Don't think he had a fun time there.

Seeing unruly people anywhere reflects poorly on tourist, the region and the specific country these people are from. Of course, sometimes locals make the wrong assumption about the origination of the unruly person, so it reflects poorly on anyone of similar appearance.

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China says it will try to convince its citizens to behave themselves

The Chinese tourists don't pose any particular problem. There are very few rotten apples among mass travelers, and local police arrests them. I do have problems with the behavior of Chinese authorities, and with certain of their expats (mafias that are protected by their politicians and corrupted police). Remind me what the Chinese authorities did about their citizens entered into Japan by gangs to do series of burglaries ?

arrests of three Chinese tourists over the weekend for taking lewd photos while vacationing in Japan.

Oh dear, 3 creeps per million of tourists. Don't tell me that's more urgent than dealing with elites that travel for child prostitution or to hunt nearly exctinct wild life.

Japanese tourists fifty years ago

So what ? They were groups of nice people on their first overseas holidays like the Chinese now. For "unruly groups", let's talk, for instance, about the GIs in the Philippines or the Brits on the European continent. Or, in another style, all the hotel chains from rich countries that damage local environment to build ressource wasting resorts in the poorest regions of the world.

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One can only imagine the "Corrective"measures our friendly Red Chinese officials will use on these folks,,,,,Dunce Cap in the corner reading the little red book of etiquette,no doubt!

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The Chinese invasion here in California is terrible. First they re rude they go to many stores with empty travel luggage they remove all the items they purchase and put them in the travel luggage and walk away leaving the bags when the trash bin is on a few steps away. I got tire of it and said to one couple put it in the trash, they looked at me as if not knowing what I said finally they said ok and put the bags in the trash! I saw one lady stop look around to see if any one was looking drop her drawers and poop and off she went!! One thing I have witnessed and learned after seeing many Chinese here, they will lie, and they are very noisy and lastly dirty!!!! The picking in the nose has got to go! They see you walking in the same direction or towards them and will try to walk straight through you. I wish they would learn some manners before they travel!!

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I do not believe the poop stories. Picking noses? Well Japanese and other people are competing. Peeing in the alleys or wherever else discrete? Heck, Japanese men do it all the time.

I have not seen very noisy or pushy Chinese at all down at Enoshima. They are curious, pretty quiet, and not rude at all.

I wish though when they found a lost item on the ground to turn it in rather than thinking it is for keeps. I lost something recently, and it was precious and I know it went into someone's pocket. That is so un-Japanese.

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Lots to keep track of...

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Unfortunately Japangal some japanese also not so honest these days. Maybe japanese took your item, maybe foreigner. It's too bad

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Some people should see how bad many Dutch and German tourists behave in Italy. I guess Chinese are not worse than them.

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