China to overtake France as top travel destination by 2030


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I do not doubt that China is a worthy travel destination, but I would still much rather go to Europe, France included.

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Come to Japan baby! The whole country has something to offer, and you don’t have to deal with whole ‘let’s pretend game’ of the Chinese Communist Party and it’s numb numbing narrative . Ramen tastes better anyways.

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Oops mind numbing!!

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I will never visit China, where I am afraid they may arrest me for spying or some kind of political crime based on not very friendly things I have written about them here in JT or elsewhere. They have no respect for free speech. Why spend even a single day where I cannot speak my mind?

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Oodly enough, they built a fake Paris city in China:

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From what the article says, Spain may 'suffer' a reduction in tourists due to the UK's potential deal-less Brexit. That means, in my view, Spain may be a bit less expensive, as well as less crowded. Time for a re-think of next year's travel plan.

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China???.. No thanks !!..

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Waw,it's impressive they had the nerve to predict the future 11years ahead. Basically this is either insulting to France and looking on them or just big courage marketing of China.

I would only be impress if they had said by 2020 instead of 2030. And right now i would still like to choose France over China. I do like it if France start to invest more in their tourism. Crimes is increasing there i heard.

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China is a fascinating country. This civilization was around when the most of the rest of the planet was just about out of the caves.

Well worth a visit.

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China is a fascinating country. This civilization was around when the most of the rest of the planet was just about out of the caves.

I love it. I've been there too many times to count now, but I still enjoy going every time. It's such a varied country, with so much tradition and modernity, and some amazing food! While I disagree with their government, I love their country. I would love to go spend a few years there traveling around and properly learning Mandarin. Unfortunately my wife has zero interest in living in China.

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Ohh not a surprise, however, France will be the lovely choice for tourists :p

The main issue for France is not crime but more incivility/discourtesy (mainly with young) and also the tourirts are concentrated in few areas : Paris/Versailles but we have more places to show you...

To finish, Japan should be also in the top (better that this China not respectful)

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Cue media reports about Beijing being too crowded and the Wall being eroded by too many visitors and so on.

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The people I know who have been to China as tourists are rich enough that they have been just about everywhere else first. It is hard to imagine, for me, choosing China over France, and I do not mean that as an insult to China. Have met many very nice Chinese here in the States, and would love to travel to China, but it is not my first choice as a destination, especially today with all of the air pollution.

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I try to go to places where zillions of tourists don't go rather than seeking out the top ones.

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