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China urges hotels to review websites as 'country' crackdown grows


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Just watch how quick these Countries get ditched by cash hungry companies just to keep the Chinese Dictatorship happy.

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Just watch how quick these Countries get ditched by cash hungry companies just to keep the Chinese Dictatorship happy.

Will it be restricted to the Chinese hosted websites and subdomains of websites targeting mainland China?

I have looked at a few websites of other major Western companies and they still refer to Taiwan as Taiwan, although Hong Kong, Tibet and Macau are treated differently, especially the latter two.

I think if we see Western companies making the same changes on sites hosted outside of China and/or not targeting mainland Chinese, like in the U.S or U.K, then at that point i'd be calling for boycotts and then some.

The U.S has recently put forward the Taiwan Travel Act which passed the House, unanimously and is waiting on Senate approval. It seems like an opportune time for Trump to issue a statement telling U.S Multinationals that what China decides to do with Chinese hosted websites and those targeting mainland Chinese is up to them, but in no way should that practice apply outside of Chinese hosted websites or portions of websites not targeting mainland Chinese nationals.

We need to make that distinction absolutely crystal clear. The CCP has no business interfering in business operations targeting people outside of their borders.

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I’ve heard on US passports, the US does not recognize Taiwan or list Taiwan for its citizens born in Taiwan, but instead, China.

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For businesses, money always wins in the end.

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Perhaps the USA should insist that all Chinese Airlines flying to the US should list Taiwan and Tibet as countries, or face having their websites shut down in this country. Fair is fair.

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