COVID-19 prompts rethink of mass tourism


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The pandemic of 1918-1920 was followed by a return to normalcy. Why shouldn't we expect the same thing after the current pandemic is over?

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I was at Machu Picchu many moons ago, as maybe many who post on JT have also done.  It was a fantastic experience and Cusco was great, too.   It is one of those places that bring you back in time hundreds of years, if not more, especially when so many questions about the place have yet to be answered.  Hopefully it can open up fully again, but not too much so as to keep it well intact. Places like this provide jobs for so many people, such as hotel and food workers, guides, drivers, even people employed by the train company that transports them from Cusco.  Plus, without Machu Picchu, probably half of Cusco inhabitants would lose their jobs as tourists that go to Machu Picchu usually spend a couple of days in Cusco.

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