Cruise ships to ban recent China visitors


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Sounds like common sense precautions.

While cruise ships do indeed have a doctor, a nurse helper, and one or two beds, that hardly makes them qualified to deal with an epidemic on-board. They are not hospital ships...not even close. In my experience, when a passenger falls ill, they are asked to stay in their cabin. An epidemic breaking out on board a cruise ship is unlikely, since the incubation period for this latest virus seems to be over a week, but an epidemic among the crew is possible, since they serve for months at a time. Such an epidemic would be the stuff of a horror film. Furthermore, if the coronavirus were to break out among the crew, there is the possibility of it then spreading to the passengers.

Wouldn't surprise me if cruise line stocks are the next victims in the stock market.

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Wow, another enjoyment going out.............................mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

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