Cycling adventure - From Kyushu to Hokkaido

By Lowell Sheppard

Chasing the Cherry Blossoms: Week 1 of the Adventure

2010 Note from the Author The cherry blossom front is early this year. If this had been the case 10 years ago, I would have enjoyed flower viewing families from day one. But it was not to be for me in the year 2000. While I saw the occasional petal with a blossom, there were no parties in Kyushu. But there was plenty to do and see and learn.

Day One: Monday 20 March: Vernal Equinox Accumulated distance: 86.58 km Route: Shibushi port -- Sakurajima port

Follow the journey in Insight.

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also Alan Booth wrote the book "The Road to Sata" but it was about hiking not biking. Would be interesting to compare this and the Japan of today with this trip to his books from late 80s-90s.

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Quite a few people cycle the length of Japan every year--one tip to the other, Wakkani to Cape Sata, and a huge number more in between. There are readily available annotated maps, etc. It's too bad that Lowell is not contributing to that already widespread community. He should be adding, wiki-like, to what many others have already established for the same trip that he is apparently doing, and publishing/linking his rider reports to established cycling sites, instead of looking for the "wow" factor by playing for PR here at JapanToday.

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Sounds like something to look forward to.

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A great adventure. My biggest bike trip was round trip from Tamagawa to Haneda. Pretty puny comparied to this one.

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Sounds fantastic! Where does it end in Hokkaido?

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