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Delta announces new SkyMiles partnership with Agoda.com


Delta Air Lines has announced a new partnership with Agoda.com, one of Asia’s leading hotel booking sites. The partnership will provide SkyMiles members with mileage-earning opportunities on bookings at more than 130,000 hotels worldwide.

SkyMiles members who reside in Asia can earn two miles for every U.S. dollar spent on hotel bookings through Agoda.com. In addition to earning miles from Delta SkyMiles, members who book a room through the site will also earn Agoda Rewards Points worth 4% of the price of the room. These points can be used to reduce the price of future bookings at thousands of hotels worldwide.

“With its extensive member base and the popularity of Agoda.com in Asia, this partnership will further strengthen Delta's brand presence in the region, as well as provide our SkyMiles members with more options to earn miles,” said Marc Ferguson, Delta’s general manager, SkyMiles Asia Pacific and Latin America programs.

Now in its 30th year, SkyMiles is one of the longest-running and most successful loyalty programs in the travel industry. The program offers members multiple mileage-earning opportunities including 100% miles on every purchased fare when flying with Delta, Delta Shuttle, the Delta Connection and by flying with SkyTeam alliance partners.

Additional mile-earning opportunities are offered through other airline partners, hotels and bank partners including the co-branded credit cards in Guam, South Korea and the Philippines. Delta is introducing more ways to redeem miles, including airline tickets, car rentals and hotel stays for customers.

For more information on the SkyMiles program, Medallion status and mileage redemption options, visit www.delta.com.

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It is a good news for travelers who can use point-earned redeem at both service sites -Delta and Agoda.

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SkyMiles members who reside in Asia...

That's discrimination, it's clearly unfair to Delta's customers who live outside Asia.

Delta is introducing more ways to redeem miles...

I'm a member, and I've experienced the opposite since the Northwest merger. I've got plenty of points but I get "flight not available," etc on their website about 99% of the time, or exorbitant mileage requirements that make purchasing with money a better deal.

After 15 years of membership, I'm feeling increasingly shut out of this "loyalty program."

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Damn, I wish this would have happened when I took holiday a couple weeks ago. I booked three hotels with Agoda and I have Skymiles.

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Do not worry JeffLee. United did that to my family and friends. It is all a crock. Find the cheapest flights you can and do not join the point game any place.

You should be here in Japan. Every single store you purchase things in, even if they know you, ask you if you have a point card.

My reply is always that, "I left my suitcase at home sorry."

And I wish they would quit trying to hand me what I bought before receiving my change. What an annoying habit. Give me my change, then bag my goods and then hand it to me. Do not need to have an elementary education to figure this one out.

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@JeffLee It's not discrimination. It's just as bad in the united states too. The Wall Street Journal just had a story on how Delta is the most difficult major airline to redeem miles on. For all Northwests Airlines faults service wise, they were very good on letting you use miles for international flights.

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Wait a minute, if Delta took over NW who used to sponsor sumo championships, who does it now?

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Motytrah, I totally agree. I bagged about a dozen free NWA flights to Asia from Tokyo back in the good old days.

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