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Delta asks DOJ to put unruly passengers on no-fly list


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A guy named "David Nelson" is on the no-fly list. It is a fairly common name. A friend has that name, oddly, he works at DFW for the US Immigration Service. There was a MLB team manager with the same name. Talk about having problems catching a flight. The computer systems didn't support images last time I checked, so only a description of the person is provided. Way, way, too many false positives.

I'm not against specific customers being banned for life, I'm against govt lists. We Americans have learned not to trust the govt to hold our data and I try not to spread it around in an attempt to limit invasions of privacy.

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Maybe, but the booze might help some of them to sleep instead of cause problems.

Alcohol is not the most effective sleep aid and the side effects of nasty drunks are unpleasant. A little Ativan helps to calm people down if anxiety is the issue. If it's sleep they want, 3.5 mg of Zopiclone/Imovane provides 4-5 blissful hours and allows them to waken refreshed. No fuzzy-headedness afterwards. Best tool ever, that, for beating jetlag and kicking the body into the new time zone within a few days.

A time-limited no-fly list for disrupters ought to be a sobering deterrent.

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Maybe, but the booze might help some of them to sleep instead of cause problems.

works for me as I am an insomniac which is made worse on flights. I usually bring my own booze though as the flight attendants may get a little bossy about serving.

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