Delta tops long-running ranking of U.S. airlines


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I've been flying delta almost exclusively and it's a pretty decent airline. I just wish they would get better seats on thier 767 fleet. It fleets like stone.

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We’ve been flying Delta for the last 4 years back to the States mostly because it’s one flight, direct to our city. Flying out, Delta Japan is just amazing, as well as Nagaya International. Flying back, no major complaints. It seems they’ve weeded out those 250 pound cabin attendants from Northworst.

It is just an awful airline to travel.

Any airline is awful, seat wise, unless you can afford business or first class.


People, please leave your cologne and perfume at home when you fly. Some of us are allergic to it.

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The last couple of years I've used Delta, to Singapore and then later to Seattle, have been fantastic. They've also got the best mileage program, a great website, and their Skylounges are full on five-star. Bravo!

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I've been flying on Delta Airlines for 52 years, and about every other airline too. Up until about the 1990s, Delta was great. Southern Hospitality was important to them. Then, like everything else in America, Delta went down. But I have noticed an improvement in the last few years. Get back to your roots, Delta. But, the Asian airlines are the best in the world.

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I always seem to get booked a late flight into Singapore. I wish they had an earlier slot.

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Overall, the industry improved in three of the four categories in the study, including fewer passengers being involuntarily bumped from a flight. 

I sure hope there won't be any more incidents like United Airlines forcibly dragging off Dr. David Dao in 2017.

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It is just an awful airline to travel.

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