One of the many waterfalls in the area Photo: PIXTA/ M.hide

Don’t miss hiking Mount Osuzu for over 30 waterfalls and rare flora

By Elizabeth Sok

Mount Osuzu, a beautiful peak in Miyazaki Prefecture, was recognized as a place of scenic beauty for its cascading falls by the Japanese government in 1944. It was the first waterfall area to have received this designation.

Known as one of Japan’s 200 most famous mountains, Osuzu is home to many stunning waterfalls and valleys. Yatogi Waterfall in particular is considered one of the country’s 100 best.

Put On Your Hiking Boots

Mount Osuzu, which has a peak of 1,405 meters, is an excellent mountain for hiking year-round. It has over 30 waterfalls for climbers to enjoy, most of which center around the Amacha Valley, Yatogi Valley and Bou Valley.

The most well-known waterfall, Yatogi Waterfall, at around 73 meters tall, is matched only by the 75-meter Shirataki Falls. These many waterfalls nestled into the lush vegetation of the Kyushu mountainside make for gorgeous views.

The shortest beginner hiking course brings you past scenic hillsides and four waterfalls, like the lovely Suzumi Falls and famous Yatogi Falls, which are only 25 minutes from the base camp. This course is two kilometers long and will take you about 70 minutes. It packs a punch by showing off many of the mountain’s gems on a relatively leisurely hike.

For more experienced hikers, there is also a 10-kilometer course where you can see nine waterfalls, as well as the most advanced, a 12-kilometer course, which leads to the summit.

Seasonal Treasures

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