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Enjoy the great outdoors in the shadow of Mount Fuji at Lake Yamanaka

By Elizabeth Sok

Located in Yamanashi Prefecture, Lake Yamanakako is the third-highest lake in Japan and the largest one in the Fuji Five Lakes region. For great views of nearby Mount Fuji and a chance to enjoy the great outdoors, head to Lake Yamanakako any time of year.

The area surrounding Lake Yamanakako has attractions on all sides. Hana no Miyako Park is on the west side and offers lots of seasonal flora and fauna. Lying to the south are several restaurants and cafes while the east end offers fantastic views of the lake and Mount Fuji.

Outdoor Activities

Up for a challenge? Go for an easy 14km bike ride. Image: PIXTA/ gonbe

Visitors have a chance to take a boat ride that crosses the surface of the lake. If you want to see the land around the lake and the water, hop on the Kaba bus. This amphibious bus seamlessly takes riders from the road to the lake, giving you two ways to experience the area. The Swan Lake pleasure boat lets you stretch your legs and take in the scenery on the double-decker craft.

Cyclists shouldn’t miss the Lake Yamanakako Cycling Road, covering most of the lake’s 14 km circumference. The road is largely flat and intended for casual cyclists. In total, the route can be completed in about 1.5 hours at a leisurely pace or 3.5 hours on foot.

Seasonal Delights

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Just make sure not to have too many people standing together taking pictures or else they'll build a blocker barricade.

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My favourite spot

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SpeedMay 26  11:22 am JST

Just make sure not to have too many people standing together taking pictures or else they'll build a blocker barricade.

That just recently was a 'problem' according to some journalist.

> Seesaw7May 27  08:41 am JST

My favourite spot

Iconic of Japan. This neighbor I grew up with joined the Marine Corps. and volunteered to go to Okinawa. However, he spent most of his time and money on booze and frequenting flophouses. He even snuck back a porno videotape (in violation of international law) and showed it to me and a few others after his discharge (the movie was nauseating). He did have a photo Mt. Fuji to show us as well. He should've taken more advantage of the unique cultural and historical aspects of Tokyo. I sure would've.

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