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Environmentalists call for toilets on Everest


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I can't imagine what it feels like to bare your butt in those frigid temperatures. Give me a heated Toto toilet seat.

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I hope the bodies were returned to their families.

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How do they propose to get the yeti to use them?

I would suppose No.1s are no real problem (don't eat the yellow snow) but No.2s can be a bit if a stinker.

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good job Eco Everest Expedition, u have true spirit .................

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Good idea.

Would guess those are chemical toilets, so they will maintenance(emptying, restocking of supplies, etc). Wonder who will do that and pay for that upkeep.

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just have everyone bring a bag. what goes up the mountain must come down the mountain. as for the bodies, I don't know...

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It's the Human Element that's talking about the toilets on Everest........The Best on Earth...

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