EU Digital COVID Certificate and UK NHS COVID Pass added to IATA Travel Pass


The EU Digital COVID Certificate (DCC) and UK NHS COVID Pass can now be uploaded into the IATA Travel Pass as verified proof of vaccination for travel.

Travelers holding an EU DCC or UK NHS COVID Pass can now access COVID-19-related travel information for their journey, create an electronic version of their passport and import their vaccination certificate in one place.

“COVID-19 vaccination certificates are becoming a widespread requirement for international travel” said Nick Careen, IATA’s Senior Vice President for Operations Safety and Security. “Handling the European and UK certificates through IATA Travel Pass is an important step forward, providing convenience for travelers, authenticity for governments and efficiency for airlines.”

Harmonization of digital vaccine standards is essential to support the safe and scalable restart of aviation, avoid unnecessary airport queues and ensure a smooth passenger experience.

Building on the EU DCC success, IATA has called on the World Health Organization (WHO) to revisit its work to develop a global digital vaccine standard.

“The absence of a global standard makes it much harder for airlines, border authorities and governments to recognize and verify a traveler’s digital vaccination certificate. The industry is working around this by developing solutions that can recognize and verify certificates from individual countries. But this is a slow process that is hampering the restart of international travel,” said Careen. “As more states roll out their vaccination programs, many are urgently looking to implement technical solutions to provide vaccine certification for their citizens when they travel. In the absence of a WHO standard, IATA urges them to look closely at the EU DCC as a proven solution that meets WHO guidance and can help to reconnect the world.”

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How come no proof of a flu vaccine during flu season?

Much more deadly virus according to stats from the US government site on disease control.

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How come no proof of a flu vaccine during flu season?

How many people died of the flu two years ago? How many people died of covid last year?

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look at the site. Lots of information. One thing great though is because of masks, and I double up although vaccinated, the stats on flu cases severely dropped all over the world.

Masks can be fashionable like Christian nun’s headgear, Muslim coverings, the kippah, and the popes hat. Head coverings are cool, and masks too, except when humid out. Plus look at all the money saved from not using lipstick. I do love blue though. Works great with my blue eye shadow.

I would like to see proof of all vaccines in a passport. Stranger, if you are anti ax, I am sorry if I insulted you.

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When will the scruffy piece of photocopied and faxed A4,aka the Japanese 'passport' become accepted?

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