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EU to reopen borders to fully vaccinated travelers


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Dear Europe--see you soon.


Your US friend.

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And how are they to know who had the vaccine ? All my family have had two doses. None of them have any proof.

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@Mr. Kipling

All my family have had two doses. 

Which vaccine? Not all vaccines are acceptable in EU.

If it's the Sputnik V or Chinese vaccines, they are no good for entry.

None of them have any proof.

Then they cannot enter EU.

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Right, so no Japanese tourists this year.

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Right, so no Japanese tourists this year.

Or the next for that matter.

At the rate they're going, by the time they get to vaccinating everyone, those who went first will have already died of old age.

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The vaccine prevents serious illness but does not stop a person from being infected and passing it on to others. I don't get this vaccine passport nonsense. The only benefit of allowing only vaccinated people in would be that they would be less likely to need emergency care.

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The vaccine also makes it much less likely you will get the virus or pass it on.

Not sure why I got 2- marks for my previous post... Just pointing out, as others have confirmed, that those vaccinated in the UK don't get a certificate or any other proof of having the jab. I think this should be given. Eventually countries can weed out the tin hat brigade anti vaccers and not allow them to travel.

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@Mr Kipling

Yes you are right. According to a study mentioned in this article


Vaccinated people pass on the virus to 6% of their household - unvaccinated people pass it on to 10%.

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Don't forget that vaccinated people are much, much less likely to get the virus to pass on.

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