European hotel group offers prices in dollars


Here's a bright spot in the sad traveler's tale of the ever-weak dollar. One hotel company in Europe is accepting dollars in a one-to-one exchange with euros, when a euro is actually worth well over $1.50.

The "Stay in Europe, Pay in Dollars" promotion from WorldHotels includes 41 hotels in Germany, Italy, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Poland, Luxembourg, Austria, Spain and the Czech Republic, according to Patti Winger, a publicist for the hotel company.

Hotels include the Hotel Plaza Brussels, the St George Roma and the Hotel de Sers in Paris. While rates vary, Winger said that an average rate is about 150 euros a night, which is the equivalent of about $237, depending on daily exchange rates. If you pay that 150 euro tab with 150 U.S. dollars, however, you save $87. The offer is valid until Aug 31, at participating hotels Thursday to Monday, Winger said.

Stays can be booked by calling 800-223-5652 or through a travel agent. The offer is not valid online; payment is due upon checkout. The price is guaranteed at the time of booking for payments made using credit cards, U.S.-denominated currency or travelers' checks.

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Added to the headline should be the words: for a limited time. because in the article it states: The offer is valid until Aug 31, at participating hotels Thursday to Monday.

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It says it in the article, but the headline should also stipulate that it is US$. Ah, pity it can't work with NZ$ - or how about Zimbabwe$

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Of course its only for next month. bleh! Wish they would do this around New Year when I'm actually going to Paris.

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That's good news for American travellers, I should pass this along to some of my friends.

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France ? Accepting American dollars ? Sarkozy is a magician !

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OMG! The next thing that'll happen is the French will start speaking English!

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