European tourists boost sector, but can't top Americans, Asians


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UK testing/quarantine costs amounted to a (large) tax on foreign holidays beyond medical necessity. It was a government initiative to limit foreign travel and boost the domestic economy, but it rather backfired. UK tourist venues were simply not equipped to deal with so many staycationers, drunken 'Costa' behaviour, disorder, huge amounts of litter, Brexit staff shortages and assorted Covid rules.

The UK travel restrictions may be overhauled to permit travel with other nations that have high vaccination rates. That might ease things a bit in 2022.

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While European visitors might have shored up numbers, the recovery was patchy with tourists spending in different places, on different things -- and not with the same largesse as the big-spending Chinese or Americans.

Why do people have to spend a ton of money on vacation?

The Chinese just shop brand names and electronic toilet seats, and th eAmericans shop to enlarge their guts at restaurants and fast food places, besides sodas and icecream.

I or I should say, we travel to help support the locals and to learn about different cultural norms and traditions.

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The testing and quarantine regulations had nothing to do with boosting the UK economy but a little inconvenience called a pandemic. Quite honestly the travel restrictions should have been put in place in early 2020.

Undoubtedly some places were over booked but that merely encouraged the more flexible to consider other options and spread the tourism around. I live in a tourist destination area and there have not been any more problems than any other year, no “drunken Costa behaviour” over and above the occasional idiot which is normal. That it was busier undoubtedly, but that helped balance the lockdown impacts.

Kyakusenbi, so why then do you denigrate the Chinese and American cultural norms and traditions?

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