U.S. airlines tell crews not to force passengers to wear masks

By Tracy Rucinski

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Although I can understand that it is hard to enforce, the vast majority of people who return to air travel will even be more jittery / wait even longer if there is no mandatory mask requirement with enforcement.

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Airplanes are probably the single best rationale for wearing masks BEFORE COVID ever existed. However, herd immunity is important to fight a second wave theory.

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3 airlines I won't be flying...

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The problem with trying to enforce such rules is that it would open the airlines up to lawsuits. They don't want that kind of problem when they are operating in the red. There are people that are using this pandemic to line their pockets and file lawsuits against as many companies and local governments that they can. Some people only see dollar signs during crises.

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Stupid people deserve what they get, coronavirus in this case.

There is nothing these flight attendants can do to protect these people if they do not wish to be protected, just protect themselves. This is the best they can do for themselves and other cooperating passengers with common sense.

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Stupid people deserve what they get, coronavirus in this case.

Unfortunately this puts the flight attendants, the pilots and other passengers at risk... are you saying they all are stupid?

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