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Exeggutor airplanes to begin flying for Solaseed Air in Miyazaki Prefecture

By SoraNews24

Pokemon have a knack for showing up in the most unexpected places, from manhole covers to wedding ceremonies. And with hundreds of known species of Pocket Monsters, there’s never any telling which ones will show up where.

▼ Look, there’re some now.

Starting in the beginning of March, Miyazaki-based Solaseed Air will begin flying Nasshi Jets, which are airliners heavily decorated with images of the Pokémon Exeggutor (known as “Nasshi” in Japanese). It seems like a match made in heaven since “Solaseed” sounds a lot like the name of a special attack that a psychic/dragon-plant type like Exeggutor might know.

In fact, this isn’t even the first collab between Solaseed Air and Exeggutor. The two joined forces back in 2020, but back then there was just a patch of Pokémon artwork near the tail end of the aircraft with a simple row of Exeggutors. Now, the entire livery is done up with both Alolan and normal Exeggutors cavorting all over the place. And on top of that, there are special appearances by Alolan Raichu, Wingull, Bellossom, and of course, the diminutive form of Exeggutor, Exeggcute.


The decorations don’t stop on the outside either. All seats will be decked out in Poké-themed headrests and drinks will be served in paper cups with Exeggutor and Raichu peeping through windows. Flight attendants will also have aprons with the same characters in a style reminiscent of the Pokemon dress shirt line which came out a while back.


This is also a fitting partnership as Miyazaki is said to be the “sunshine prefecture” of Japan with a pleasantly sub-tropical climate not unlike that of Alola. For this reason Exeggutor is officially the prefecture’s representative Pokemon and Miyazaki is home to the largest collection of Exeggutor manhole lids. Also, Solaseed Air uses the same sunny pistachio green color scheme even for non-Pokemon flights in the spirit of Miyazaki’s pleasant weather.

These planes will run on all of Solaseed’s routes for about three years. Also, those who take Solaseed flights between Miyazaki and Tokyo, Nagoya, or Okinawa from Feb 15 to April 28 will be eligible to enter a contest to win Exeggutor goods like bento boxes and snacks or another round-trip ticket on the same routes just mentioned.

Source: Solaseed Air via Netlab

Images: Solaseed Air

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Basically, associating air travel with execution. Japanese business studies degrees must be a fun ride.

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I read "Pocket Monster" and my mind immediately went somewhere far from aviation .............

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