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Tokyo’s waterways have some tours designed to show how our life is connected to the rivers. An NPO called Enjoy Eco School operates group tours, using specially designed exhaust-free electric boats to cause minimal impact to the environment.

Different tours explore the Kanda-Nihonbashi, Onagi River and Tennozu areas on half- and full-day trips that offer glimpses of turtles, wild birds and other aquatic animals that inhabit the area. You can also learn about the boats that ply the rivers collecting garbage. Part of the cost goes toward supporting the organization’s monthly riverside cleanup gatherings. English tour guides are available on request.

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Eh, OK. I went to the website. 100% Japanese. That's fine, but as this is an English forum, I would expect the website to have a little helpful English. /And, that said, who the heck comes up with such a wishy-washy name as "Enjoy Eco School"? Makes me want to totally throw all the garbage into one one bag and set that out on the sidewalk completely unsorted. Grrrr. Anyway, I completely support these river tours. Sounds fascinating. WHERE on that website would I make my "English tour guides" request? It's all in Nihongo!

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I looked all over the website for an English tour guides page and couldn't find it either. I even looked at the reservation form (予約フォーム)thinking it might be there but nope. If you can read the site, you don't need an English tour guide. If you can't, you'll have to tell them. By phone? It's unclear. But I like the idea of the tours plus the educational bits added here and there (Kids Eco School, for example.)

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Just don't actually touch the wanter.

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who the heck comes up with such a wishy-washy name as "Enjoy Eco School"?

The same people who come up with posters on buses that say "can, bus, life" and "let's working".

Sounds good for kids, but I wouldn't want to use it, and especially not for a full day, sounds like a punishment.

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Here's the google translated version of the website:

Still didn't find any information about the english tour guides though.

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