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1,000-km nature trek helping Tohoku once again hit its stride

By Keiichiro Otsuka

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A large part of the stretch, more than 400km is along concrete seawalls. I found it depressing.

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Concrete seawalls are very depressing. Live next to the sea but can no longer see it.

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lol. Too bad. We could see Fuji from our second floor living room window till someone built over it. Luckily we can see still see it from the third floor balcony. Nice backdrop to our bbq parties.

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Wallace: I assume not having a home due to a tsunami is more depressing. I quite often visit this area having live In Morioka until 2019. The rebuilding of higher sea walls reassured those you live in the area through the great Tohoku Quake. Plus there is transport for those wanting to avoid this part of hiking the MCT.

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