Finnair starts offering passengers iPads


Finnair is offering customers the free use of an Apple iPad in its Lounge in Helsinki and also on certain Hong Kong flights in November.

The iPads have been loaded with entertaining content, such as newspapers and magazines, films, TV series and games. In addition, the devices offer dozens of useful applications, including Finnair's own application, which helps to gather customer feedback and product development ideas.

"We are constantly seeking new, innovative means for product development. Finnair is the first European airline to build its own iPad research application," said Finnair's Vice President Global Marketing Jarkko Konttinen. "Finnair's vision is to be a boldly distinctive and fresh airline. Our goal is to offer our customers a richer customer experience. This is also the objective of our new identity, which will be launched at the end of the year."

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I'm seeing iPad style tablets in all seats soon, even economy class, cause that will soon be cheaper than the "entertainment system" already in place.

So game & movies & news on the iPad instead of (most of the time) crapy screen.

Wouldn't do on Emirates, though, they have a kickarse system even for eco !

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I think it's a pretty good idea. It sucks to get on a long crowded flight and then find out your screen is not working, or the entire entertainment system gitches up. But if an iPad breaks, they can just pull out a different one. I could see a down side too. I wonder if it would be cheaper for the airlines in the long run? Lighter?

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Sounds nice, but I have never used Finnair, and have no interest at all to ever fly to Finland, so I hope regular airlines like JAL, AA etc..get these soon.

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Now, this is miles ahead of anything here in Japan.

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