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Finnair to increase flights to Asia


From the end of the year, Finnair will increase the number of its direct flights to Seoul, Nagoya, Osaka and Delhi. Plus the airline will open a direct route to Singapore in May next year, and increase flights to Hong Kong in June.

"Our Asian strategy is working very well and is creating many opportunities for us. Due to growing demand, we are expanding our fleet and boosting our market share in the Asian market," said Finnair's SVP Sales & Marketing Mika Perho.

Instead of the previous four flights, Finnair will fly to Seoul six times per week and to Nagoya five times per week from December this year. In January 2011, the number of weekly flights to Osaka will be increased to six and to Delhi seven.

From March 27, the start of the summer traffic season, Finnair will fly daily to Seoul, Nagoya and Osaka.

Instead of the previous seven flights, Finnair will fly to Hong Kong with a frequency of 12 flights per week from June next year.

"The shortest routes between Asia and Europe pass through Helsinki, so Finnair is able to offer its customers quick and efficient connections due to its favourable geographical position," added Perho.

Next summer, Finnair will fly a record number of 74 flights per week to 10 Asian cities: to Hong Kong 12 flights per week, to Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai, Bangkok and Singapore daily, and to Delhi six flights per week.

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And the shortest route between Japan and Europe is from Sapporo. Helsinki-Sapporo, come on Finnair!

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Had quite a good experience flying the Narita-Heslinki-London route as an alternative to BA or Virgin. Helsinki Airport is a very pleasant experience and a world away from the horrors of Heathrow. Another good thing that Finnair do is to allow you any number of nights stopover in Helsinki during your connection without any additional charge, something that the likes of Lufthansa and other carriers might want to consider ?

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Shortest route to from Japan to Northern Europe. But charge 4 euro from a third can of beer.

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But charge 4 euro from a third can of beer.

? That wasn't my experience ? I understood that Finnair have free drinks on longhaul flights ? It's only the shorthaul routes where they charge.

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Done this flight from Osaka to London a few times in the past. Not bad at all. If you like forests and lakes and wooden buildings and coffee, then Helsinki airport is for you!

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If you like forests and lakes and wooden buildings and coffee, then Helsinki airport is for you!

Real leather seats in the airport lounges. Very friendly people. Drinks are free on long haul flights.

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I've flown Manchester to Narita twice and also to Hong Kong with Finnair (ecconomy) and I think that they are pretty good. Nice journey time breaks, nice airport, very competative prices and nice new aircraft.

However, each time I have flown there have been service cutbacks. Free beer on the short haul went first, then free snacks on the long haul and then the complimentary toothbrush/paste and eye-mask went. Still, I'd fly with them again.

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I wish they had Finnair from Haneda to California too!

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jeez it was a harmless comment. I LOVE moomins and they're from Finland!

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did it twice, Helsinki - Osaka. First time flight wasn't good, but very cheap. Second time- very good flight and still for very good value. Good points- they are always on time, airport is friendly user, very good and positive experience.

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