U.S. flight attendants report high frequency of unruly passengers


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Many passengers are uncomfortable with flying and don't need the extra discomfort that this behaviour causes. These people need to face stiff punishment. Return them in cuffs, compensate their victims and other passengers on their flight from their bank accounts, imprison them and ban them from flying again for a few years until they grow up and can behave in a civil manner.

They shouldn't let anyone on a plane who isn't stone cold sober, and need to fix a limit on the alcohol they serve on flights.

Hopefully the idiots causing mask incidents are restricted to US airlines, which I won't ever need to fly on.

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Almost certainly impossible with the electronics on a plane (though I'm no expert), but I'd love to see flight attendants armed with, trained in the use of, and given water-tight legal permission to use, tasers on such passengers.

As well as keeping these uncivilised idiots in their place, it would make for great inflight entertainment.

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Airplanes are the new Greyhound bus - civility has gone out the window.

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Some sort of no-fly list would be appropriate. Since air travel and airline tickets in general have gotten cheaper, the standard of travel has gone down, passengers have gotten rougher. If they can't behave in a civilised manner and can't even behave under the influence of alcohol, then it shouldn't be a problem for all passengers, but only for these individuals. Air travel is not a right but a privilege.

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Nearly three-fourths involved disputes over masks.

To be expected from people who think their right to endanger others is not to be questioned or restrained.

What is that word we use for such people? As yes, criminals.

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Being a flight attendant must be a pretty horrible job but some of them are so rude I've also felt like punching them.

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Why not put them on a blacklist if they physically or verbally assault attendants? TSA or the airlines can easily do this.

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GBR48Today  07:37 am JST


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U.S. flight attendants are notoriously bad. Train them to be more like Asian or European flight attendants and you won't have any problems.

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U.S. flight attendants are notoriously bad. Train them to be more like Asian or European flight attendants and you won't have any problems.

I was always impressed with Lufthansa's staff. Polite, but had this look about them which insinuated "don't try anything clever".

I think Japanese flight staff are fine as long as the majority of passengers are Japanese and are thus unlikely to cause trouble. I wouldn't want to imagine what would happen if some rowdy gaijin got drunk on a JAL or ANA flight and started acting up. Although I would laugh if the mild-mannered flight attendant suddenly busted out some aikido or something and put him back in his seat with a sprained wrist.

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Some dude:

There are some pretty nasty Japanese passengers too. I remember in the news some air hostess had to get on her knees and bow to this rude Japanese oyaji once.

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@GBR48, Hopefully the idiots causing mask incidents are restricted to US airlines, which I won't ever need to fly on.

Unfortunately, not so - a quick search will show you a variety of countries and airlines where such incidents occur, including in Japan. Idiots are not limited to any one country or any particular airline. Not sure who is luckier though - you - or those US airlines you'll "never need to fly on".

@Happy Day

U.S. flight attendants are notoriously bad. Train them to be more like Asian or European flight attendants and you won't have any problems.

Perhaps it's your own attitude and treatment of the flight attendants that causes you to feel this way? I've flown well over a million miles and have found rude flight attendants only a few times - one in particular was an Asian attendant on a US airline. For the most part, I've found that treating them with respect earns the same respect right back. I've never thought of it as being a particularly glamorous job - imagine being on call & on your feet for the greater part of a 14 hour flight, with a short break where you are jammed into a tight area for the rest period; dealing with everything from the drunken fool, to cleaning up the vomit of a sick passenger (maybe or maybe not drunk), discovering that the passenger in row 12, who just looked a bit green around the gills, is now dead; and countless other things that most of us could never imagine happening in our daily jobs or lives.

A job I wouldn't wish on anyone. But I'm always thankful there are those who are willing to do the job every time I fly.

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Airplanes are the new Greyhound bus 

They have been for years. People simply haven't phrased it that way. Tubes that travel on air where highways aren't available. Nothing glamorous about it. Simply a means to get from A to B in a short period of time.

Conditions have become infinitely worse as airlines cram more people onto flights, decrease the space and remove comforts such as cushioning and leg room. Even average sized people's knees now butt into the backs of the seat in front of them. This does not help to encourage civility.

People, too, are problematic. Hour after hour with a shrieking baby that cannot be calmed. Intoxicated and belligerent adults. Inability of people to self-soothe or find serenity for a few hours under less than optimal conditions. A general lack of empathy and manners.

I doubt there are easy solutions for any of it.

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USA flight attendance are one of the worst and most rude people I've ever met!

No respect for customers, they smile if they feel like it. If they want you to move to another seat you don't have an option. If you say anything they start raising their voice and making the customer look like a bad person.

USA flight attendance are the worst. No other country did I have so many issues when traveling!

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