Will Americans still travel abroad? Only with cast-iron coronavirus cover

By Noor Zainab Hussain

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As destinations in Europe and Asia ease lockdowns... The data is based on policy purchases from April 1 to May 10, for travel in June, July or August.

What countries in "Europe and Asia" will/are open to US tourists this summer, or even after that? How does one book a trip (and insure it) if entry is not permitted?

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This story title is very misleading. American travelers lead the world in booking uninsured travel. While it's very common to obtain travel insurance for Japanese travelers, it's definitely not the case in the USA.

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What with the careless attitudes of far too many Americans towards the virus, once travel begins to loosen up those of us in other countries are going to need cast-iron coronavirus cover against Americans.

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It seems to me American tourists are not welcome now for a couple of years. There are still too many infections and deaths there everyday. Many Japanese would not go to the US for a while.

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All in all the world is going to the dogs! Think I will stay where I am and avoid the insurance costs (well I do live in an area that others travel to for holidays).

From previous experience and events, US citizens tend to over react to perceived threats abroad while turning a blind eye to far greater threats at home. So nothing different here.

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Although the number of Americans traveling may have increased since I was child, the vast majority of Americans do not or has not travelled abroad ever unless they are current/ex-military, work-related, or first/second generation immigrant. The majority of Americans that do not fit into these categories that I mentioned do not even own a passport.

I am not sure that many Americans will care if most countries won't opening their borders to Americans anytime soon. It will only matter if products increase in price. That may also affect Americans living abroad who want to travel to other countries. They may not be able to return to their current residence like in Japan. Most foreigners are now trap in Japan unless they don't mind not returning.

Japan won't except any new foreign workers, but the current foreign workers are probably out of work, so they are stuck.

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Let's hope Japan doesn't allow tourist from currently by far the most infected country or any other highly infected countries. I wanna keep my family safe here!

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