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From camel riding to skiing and manga to monks, Tottori Prefecture is full of surprises


Tottori sits on the coast of the Chugoku Region on the western side of Japan. Majestic sand dunes are Tottori’s claim to fame, but that just barely brushes the surface of the prefecture’s wonders. Venture beyond the sandy coast and you’ll find a plethora of hiking opportunities and a whimsical kingdom of manga.

Tottori City Sand Dunes

You’ll need to head to Tottori City to see the sand dunes, which stretch 16km along the San-in coastline. Hiking around the dunes and taking in the spectacular views is rewarding enough, but there’s also paragliding and sandboarding for a different perspective. Taking up residence here is a group of haughty camels that you can ride for an experience right out of "Aladdin." When they feel like being bothered, that is.

For beaches, boat cruises and water sports, make your way to the rugged Uradome coast just next door, where hot spring baths merge with the ocean at serene spots like Kaike onsen. Cliffs, caverns, and rocks can be explored by boat cruise or kayak, and there’s snorkeling around the azure shores of Iwami.

Manga Kingdom

Manga fans might also recognize Tottori as the hometown for several famous artists, including Mizuki Shigeru of wonderfully-weird "Gegege no Kitaro" fame, and Gosho Aoyama, the creator behind the hugely successful "Detective Conan"—known abroad as "Case Closed."

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