Garuda tops Asian airlines service quality survey


Indonesia’s national airline, Garuda Indonesia, has been recognized as Asia’s leading service quality airline, according to a recent independent survey of all major airlines across the region.

The survey conducted by the Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation (CAPA), scored Garuda ahead of Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways, Cathay Pacific and Malaysia Airlines for the overall quality of its service.

The survey finding follows Garuda being named the "World’s Most Improved Airline" at the Skytrax 2010 World Airline Awards in Hamburg, Germany, in May.

CAPA is an independent research centre providing aviation market intelligence, analysis and data services. It publishes aviation surveys for Asia Pacific, the Americas, the Middle East and Africa.

The Asia survey covered criteria such as passenger comfort, food, in-flight and ground services and customers’ perceptions of the value of flying with the airline.

The survey reported that travelers were genuinely impressed with the service offered by Garuda and that the airline appeared to be rebuilding itself on firm foundations.

Emirsyah Satar, Garuda Indonesia’s President and CEO, said the CAPA recognition was further evidence that the airline’s "turnaround" strategy first implemented in 2006 is achieving results.

“Garuda’s business transformation program covers all aspects of the company. This CAPA survey result is an endorsement of our efforts to transform the airline and to deliver the highest standards of service to our passengers on the ground and in the air,” he said. “It is also due recognition of our heavy investment in training, maintenance and new aircraft. We have added 24 new aircraft to our fleet and successfully addressed service quality in 28 product areas.”

As part of its transformation program, Garuda Indonesia invested heavily in developing a service concept known as the "Garuda Indonesia Experience." This combines warm Indonesian hospitality with elements of the country’s rich and diverse cultural heritage, reflected in the on-board decor, staff uniforms, food and beverages. Its new aircraft fleet features seatback video-on-demand systems throughout Executive and Economy classes, while the long-haul Airbus A330-200s are equipped with lie-flat beds in Executive Class.

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Congrat Garuda ! now it qualifies to increase airfare for flights originating from Japan.

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I am not sure if we should be happy for Garuda or begin to really, really doubt how bad the service must be now on Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways, Cathay Pacific and Malaysia Airlines for the overall quality of its service. The last time I checked, Indonesia had some of the worst, and MOST DANGEROUS airlines in the WORLD!

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Hard to find anything about this 'prestigious award' on the CAPA website! I had to dig deep into the airline profiles. Even CAPA itself not believe this, and says it really reflects the most improved airline. People who fly Garuda have low expectations, and have been pleasantly surprised, while those who flew regular award winners such as Cathay Pacific and Singapore expect a lot more and are less forgiving. They also noted that the mythical "Singapore Girl has now disappeared from the cabin!

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Rate them on maintenance and see how high they rank.

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Amazing how a ban on operating in European airspace can be an incentive to improve from crap to decent.

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You won't find me on any Garuda flights. I'll take safety over service anyday and many other airlines offer both...

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Garuda scored higher than Singapore? Wow...

"lie-flat beds in Executive Class"

This is extreme indulgence. A few people get to lie down while most of the other passengers have to get their knees crushed by the seatbacks in front of them whilst jostling for elbow space on armrests that aren't wide enough for one person's arm much less two people's arms, LOL.

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My husband and I were forced to fly Garuda back from Bali when our JAL flight was canceled. Needless to say, I was worried sick the whole flight, especially since we had paid about $100 extra each NOT to fly Garuda.

Needless to say we arrived in one piece. It was a red-eye, so there wasn't much in the way of service to really remember. Wasn't my worst flight, but I wouldn't say it was the best, either.

Will say, though, that JAL refused to give us our miles after the flight. Even though we bought JAL tickets and they canceled the flight.

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Wawawasuremono has a very GOOD point, Garuda was banned from flying into the EU, and this really helped that corrupt country Indonesia get its national air carrier around.

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@sarge - Choices are choices buddy. If people want to pay for a business class flight then so be it. Lie-flat is hardly a big deal these days, most airlines have it in biz class. Its the only way airlines are going to make money now and keep economy class prices down (before taxes) to 20 year lows.

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I haven't flown Garuda for years so can't comment directly on this award. However, I believe they gave the award for best economy class in Asia to Royal Brunei a few years back. At that time I did fly them several times and they were were the worst of several Asian airlines in my experience. I don't trust how they decide the winners.

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Looks like Garuda really turned its image around. I remember a few years ago many people who wanted to go to Bali would prefer to pay more and take Singapore Air despite having to transfer in Singapore first. If their service really has improved, I might consider them someday.

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Garuda is still banned from Fukuoka airport....that little matter (about 10 years ago)of the flight crew jumping ship leaving passengers to fend for themselves when a plane caught fire on the runway. No thanks...

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