Get to know Fukushima; no, not that one, but the hip Osaka neighborhood


Fukushima is a cool Osaka neighborhood with a growing reputation as a tourist hub. It’s well-known primarily because of its superb proximity to downtown Umeda — it’s only one train stop or a short walk away. Fukushima is both upscale and funky with fancy hotels and shopping centers sitting next to neat creative spaces and hipster bars. There’s also a monthly fortune telling festival!

Tourists typically end up in Fukushima because it’s a nice area to stay in. However, if you’re already in the neighborhood, don’t be so quick to leave — have a look around! You can find shopping, shrines, and historical sites nearby without worrying about the crowds of places like Umeda and Namba.

Let’s dig deeper into why you should put this exciting area on your Osaka itinerary.

The (Curious) Gate Tower Building

That is definitely a highway going through a building. How is that even architecturally possible?

From street level, this might appear to be a typical, if not uniquely cylindrical, office building. But crane your head back and you might think you’re hallucinating — there’s a freaking highway running straight through it.

The result of a decades-long land dispute settled in the 1980s, this building is a sight to behold. And yes, there are people working up there. Extra durable construction and soundproof walls keep the employees toiling above the highway safe and productive.

While it doesn’t include any highways or other roads going through it, the Minami Corporation Building is also worth checking out. Designed by famous architect Yabe Matakichi and constructed in 1934, this historic site was originally a bank. It now houses the Minami apparel company but is registered as a historic property for its striking Greek columns and stone construction.

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