Photo: @auki999

Giant beam of light shooting from temple in Japan makes for stunning scene

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Located on Mt Yoshino in Nara Prefecture and surrounded by a range of gorgeous mountain peaks, the temple of Kinpusenji is carries the status of one of Japan's World Heritage Sites, and is regarded as one of Japan's top cherry blossom viewing spots in the spring. Naturally, it's also known as an ideal spot for some great photography.

Talented photographer Ayu (@auki999) seems to have snapped a photo of it that can go toe to toe with any taken of the temple and its surroundings during even the height of sakura season, however.

Scaling one of the surrounding mountains in the Yoshino area, Ayu took this stunning shot of Kinpusenji that shows a giant ray of light emitting from the temple.

Photo: @auki999

The swirling clouds of the the mountain range and mix of building and temple lights below would be enough to make for an awesome photo, but the giant beam radiating from the temple itself makes the scenic shot all the more magical. Many on Twitter were blown away by the photo, which Ayu says isn't a composite. The massive beam that shoots out over the region and into even the mountains is actually part of an illumination art display set up at the temple with the theme of visualizing local traditions and legends in the area.

Still, many on Twitter couldn't help but compare the the majestic shot to scenes from anime and kaiju films, as well as look at it as the power of the temple itself.

"This is awesome, it's like a beam of blessing shooting out from the temple."

"This is like the Ramiel scene in 'Neon Genesis Evangelion.'"

"It looks like the temple's defense mechanism against invaders.!

Ayu travels Japan capturing great photography around the country, so for more awesome shots, be sure to follow her on Twitter.

Photo: @auki999

Photo: @auki999

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