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Giant Beijing airport set to open on eve of China's 70th birthday

By Patrick BAERT

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The coming superpower stretching its limbs.

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on eve of China's 70th birthday

Seriously? The world’s oldest continuous civilization is only 70 years old?

I am pretty sure that the Communist Party did not found China when it took over 70 years ago.

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So the U.S. is four times older than China.

Oh, and about that smog problem in Beijing...

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This airport will become half full after all the tariffs tear apart the economy.

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Lets hope, we will see something better than Singapore Changi airport.

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When you build, build with the future in mind.

700,000sqm makes KIX built at more than a trillion yen look like

a small warehouse.

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It's unbelievable the speed at which the rail and air infrastructure is developing in China. But it's needed. I can't thinking that this is one reason why India is not able to catch up (yet).

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typo: I can't help thinking that...

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