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Go beach-hopping in Shimoda this summer


If you don’t have the time or money to make it all the way to Okinawa this summer, put your flip flops on and instead head to Shimoda instead for white sand beaches. This coastal town, located on the southern tip of the Izu Peninsula in Shizuoka Prefecture, makes a fantastic weekend getaway trip from Tokyo. Here are nine of Shimoda’s best beaches.

1. Shirahama Beach

Photo: jeantrouble

This is the most northern beach of the Shirahama shore. Shirahamacho Beach, most often called Shirahama Beach, is a wildly popular attraction especially for families thanks to its clear waters which are perfect for snorkeling and collecting shellfish. The area is also safe for swimming because of the breakwaters. Moreover, unlike other beaches in Shimoda, you are allowed to do barbecues here.


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In my list. Thanks.

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It's beautiful down there in the summer.

But don't drive if you're going on the weekend, the roads get stupid.

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You are correct Strangerland. I go down that way a lot with the family and having had a couple of really horrendous drives we drive down after work and dinner on Friday evening. For the return we spend all Sunday on the beach, go for an onsen and evening meal so the children are all washed, fed and changed into their pajamas and start the drive back around 8pm and it's fine. Trying to drive during the day on Saturday or Sunday is totally pointless.

It's a really nice train journey there from Tokyo and when it was just myself and wife we did it that way but now it's just way more practical for us to take the car.

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Whole family who love beaches: check

Cycling-honed, love handle-free gut and still slim wife: check

Big van: check

Lots of camping gear: check

Time off at weekend: check

Kids getting two days in a row off club: err.....

We might squeeze in the odd daytrip to Nihonkai, but Izu, forget it.

0 ( +1 / -1 )

^^^^ Have you done day trips to Chiba Kohakuebisu? With the right timed drives from Tokyo I can do Onjuku in a little over an hour via the aqualine.

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