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Grand Hyatt Tokyo launches 'Smiles for All' campaign


The Grand Hyatt Tokyo, in response to March 11 earthquake and tsunami, has launched “Smiles for All,” a support project comprising fundraising activities for both guests and visitors to the hotel. Activities include the setting up of donation boxes, the donation of the full price of bottles of Hyatt’s original wine, “Canvas,” purchased in the hotel’s restaurants, and donations from charity accommodation packages (50% of the room price is donated) and banquet sales (5% is donated).

Donation boxes have been set up in key areas of the hotel with high visibility for guests, such as the reception desk in the lobby, reception desks in the restaurants and bars, and the Grand Club Lounge. Furthermore, the hotel will also offer a special accommodation package, the “Smiles for All Stay Plan,” in April and May, 50% of the room revenue from which will be donated to the relief efforts by staying in one of the top three suites for one night. All donations will be sent to the Japan Red Cross.

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Give them a break, not all businesses can afford to give everything to charity and expect to keep themselves afloat.

Why don't we be positive and see this as a step in the right direction and credit it as such? Being suspicious and hateful doesn't solve any problems.

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I think a much better move would be to donate a number of rooms for evacuee families. They're going to be empty for a while, anyway. Why not let a village from Fukushima live on one floor while they wait for the plant crisis to get sorted out?

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The hotel does not have to do anything if they don't want to but ... since they are might as well just GO FOR IT! WAY to go, Grand Hyatt Tokyo.

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since they can donate 50% why not just give out half of the hotel rooms for free to the evacuee families

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"since they can donate 50% why not just give out half of the hotel rooms for free to the evacuee families"

It's the Hyatt, for cris'sakes, not a friggin' shelter. Next thing you know, people'll be suggesting that elite families ought to work towards creating a more egalitarian society.

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