Photo: Lilly Seiler

Elevate your fruit-picking experience with a strawberry-themed picnic inside greenhouse

By Lilly Seiler

Greenarium is located in the hilly north of Awaji in Hyogo Prefecture and has a natural setting with lots of vegetation. This peaceful location is most famous for its greenhouses that offer unique and seasonal fruit-picking activities. There is also a spacious playground area and cafe, making spending a whole day trip there easy. While there are a lot of activities to explore, the “Strawberry Picnic” is the star of the show at Greenarium.

Strawberry picnic

An afternoon to remember Photo: Lilly Seiler

Most strawberry farms offer strawberry picking where you are given a basket and get to pick strawberries freely with some scissors. However, Greenarium takes things to a new level by turning it into a whole event, where you reserve a time to enter the greenhouse to partake in their “strawberry picnic.”

At the reception, you are given a free box of freshly picked strawberries from the farm as a welcome gift. Then you are ushered inside to a warm, beautifully lit greenhouse bursting with red and green hues. The experience is quite faithful to the title. You are given leisure sheets, mini chairs, tables and blankets. Partake in a picturesque picnic while being encircled by the lovely view and aroma of strawberries. After setting up your spot, you can soak in the views as the strawberries float above your head, stretching as far as the eye can see.

Laying down and looking up at the sky of strawberries while snacking on your complimentary box of strawberries feels like something out of a dream.

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