Guam launches vaccine tourism program to jump-start industry


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Sounds like a barrel of laughs

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Depending on which vaccine they choose, visitors could be on island for as little as three days, or more than a month.

And as we all know the Jansen vaccine will not be available for the tourist so they wil have to stay in there hotel room at their cost for a month before they can receive the second vaccine shot of the Pfizer or moderna vaccine. Just another way for Guam to Swindle money out of the tourist .... Shame on Guam ....

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Guam, playground of the stars

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I was on Guam in April, took my son there to live and we were quarantined in a very nice hotel for 6 days with ocean view and balcony. All our food and room was free what a blessing in a rush to get my son out of Japan. Moving forward, there were zero tourists on the beach and in fact many times the beach would be totally bare.

Guam, really needs the tourism, what a win/win especially for Taiwanese people who need the vaccine shots and for the Guam economy.

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Great for those who can take the time off. For others, we have to work.

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It would have been nice to have this even a month or two ago. There was certainly a surplus of vaccines in the US by that time, and as a US citizen I did consider making a short trip to Guam to see if I could get a shot[s]. But their entry and quarantine restrictions were quite strict [more than the US mainland] and with no local contacts or knowledge I would have been on my own once inside the territory.

I think they've left a lot of money on the table by taking this much time; either that or they need to publicize it much better.

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With Xi trying to block vaccines from getting into Taiwan, this program could help a few people. Ideally, vaccines would be available in a person's home country.

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Paying for one's own PCR test after landing and then regardless of the result, subject to a quarantine for 5 days, that's a huge deterrent to be honest. What's the point of that " 5 days" ??

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